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Undock gives educators the superpower to instantly find time to meet with students. From study sessions, to course updates and every single video and audio event you need to schedule with your students is now so simple. You never have to think about your availability again.

  • Instantly find time to meet with anyone
  • In email scheduling
  • Mutual availability solved
Undock Scheduling inside Superhuman email
Undock Scheduling inside Superhuman email

Perfect for educators and students

Get serious about your time management and never think about when and where to meet with your students again. Undock makes scheduling and hopping into a virtual meeting room instant, fun, beautiful and faster than lightning.

  • Instant virtual meeting room
  • Beautiful video conferencing
  • Built in agenda and notes

Companies Love Undock

Anjali Kumar
I feel like Undock was built for me. Game-changing for my workflow and basically eliminated the need for an assistant.
Ari Newman
This company is on a mission to fix the endless calendar and meeting drama we all hate. Don’t miss [out]!
Stephen Price
Being in this remote world tremendously impacted my availability, so I needed to take back control of my calendar. Undock not only did that, but it also allowed me to be the guardian of my most precious commodity, time.
DeAndrea Salvador
Also had my mind blown by the schedules feature on @undockhq - my office hours are about to get a level up! Stay tuned...

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Undock Scheduling inside Superhuman email

Undock steps into the future of learning with Educated Socially

Educators who mostly teach in a virtual capacity have the unique challenge to connect, meet, update and interface with students on a regular basis which makes for a time-consuming part of the job to find time to meet. With Undock, we’re saving educators countless hours every week by not having to think about availability.

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What is Undock?

Undock is the most powerful calendar in the galaxy. The calendar that schedules, hosts and documents your meetings in one click. We are a software technology startup headquartered in New York City with a distributed and remote team around the globe. Undock is building an entirely new way to schedule, meet and work so that you can reclaim your time. Create your free account: Sign up here.

How do I sign up for Undock?

You can grab your free account here: Sign up here

Is Undock free?

Undock is currently free and will always have a free version. Undock will have a Premium tier for power users. Go ahead and try it, sign up for a free account: Sign up here.

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